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Digital Signs

Broadcasting your real-time messages professionally, beautifully and easily.

Keep your stakeholders involved and invested in your community

Your message will always be in front of your residents, your team and your prospects with our Digital Sign product.

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Informative and entertaining

Digital Signs keep your residents informed of all your community’s important messages – from new referral incentives to last-minute event changes. Plus, every subscription includes a channel of entertaining content that you can opt to include on your display.

  • Announcement slides can broadcast continually for the timeframe you specify.
  • Event slides automatically generate from your Illustratus calendar.
  • Picture slides showcase images from your community: events, residents and amenities all look great in full, festive color!
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Simple and affordable

Our digital signs offer simple and straightforward setup with easy, on-demand publishing so you can make immediate adjustments to your displays.

  • Easy-to-understand tools make creating and updating your display painless.
  • No expensive hardware to buy or programs to install! Your Digital Sign is ready to use as soon as your subscription is activated.
  • Need to make a change? No coordinating with a designer or publisher; simply log in to your account, update the appropriate slide, and your change is live in minutes – or less!
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Integrated and customizable

Your Digital Signs can be automatically updated from your Illustratus calendar, if desired, and you can always add to and edit the content on your signs.

  • Your Digital Sign can feature events from all your Illustratus calendars, or you can dedicate specific channels for specific calendars. It’s your choice!
  • Your calendar events will automatically populate your Digital Sign, but you can edit those events, delete them and even add new ones, all from your subscriber dashboard!
  • Have a regular recurring event? We offer an extensive library of beautifully designed displays that can be set to always coordinate with your specific events.
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Value-added services

Every Illustratus subscription comes with value-added services, such as our professional proofreading and guaranteed delivery dates, designed to make your program the most efficient and effective communications vehicle ever.

  • Our staff of professionals checks each and every piece you order before it’s printed and shipped – at no additional charge.
  • Our customer support team is ready and eager to help with any question you might have – no complicated automated systems to navigate to get the assistance you need!
  • Training whenever you need it. We know that turnover happens, and while our system is designed to be easy-to-use, additional training is always available.

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