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Increase participation with custom calendars.

Create activities calendars that work for you

You put a lot of thought and energy into creating engaging events and activities for your residents, so don’t fall flat in the home stretch by failing to showcase them! Illustratus calendars are functional and attractive – and so easy to use, too!

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Full-color photos

Include your own full-color photos to highlight your residents and events. Or choose from our library of vibrant photos and art to create colorful and engaging calendars.

  • Use a pre- or post-date cell to include pictures from activities to showcase all the fun your community is having!
  • Choose seasonal photos from our library to give your calendars a professional pop of color.
  • Highlight your birthday celebrants with their pictures on their big days!
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Time-saving recurrences

Set regular events to repeat automatically, so you spend more time interacting with your residents during your planned events than you do creating your calendar.

  • When you begin each issue, your regularly scheduled events will automatically populate so you only need to enter new events or make changes to the schedule. What a time-saver!
  • Easy-to-use tools let you schedule events at the frequency that fits your community (daily, weekly, biweekly – or something else!).
  • Choose your own end date, or don’t put an end date at all to have your event populate all your future calendars!
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Maximize your reach

Your activities are a great way to engage with people inside and outside your community, and Illustratus offers all the tools necessary to expand your reach by including digital delivery, large-format posters or digital signs!

  • Prospects and family members can stay apprised of all that’s happening when you add digital delivery, such as emails and links for website hosting or social posting.
  • A large-format poster is perfect to hang in common areas to get more attention on your events from your residents.
  • Include digital signs and let the events from your activities calendar automatically post to monitors hanging in common areas. These events are easily and immediately updatable, too – ideal for those unpredictable changes!
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Daily Activity Sheets

Changes happen, and when they do, Illustratus offers an easy solution to make updates to your daily programming simple and straightforward.

  • These handy flyers are printable on-demand so you can manage the distribution quickly and easily.
  • Hand them to each resident and post them in common areas to make everyone aware of the change.
  • Our Daily Activity Sheets are customizable, too, so you can add more detail to special events that might crowd out regular events on your traditional calendar.
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Value-added services

Every Illustratus subscription comes with value-added services, such as our professional proofreading and guaranteed delivery dates, designed to make your program the most efficient and effective communications vehicle ever.

  • Our staff of professionals checks each and every piece you order before it’s printed and shipped – at no additional charge.
  • Our customer support team is ready and eager to help with any question you might have – no complicated automated systems to navigate to get the assistance you need!
  • Training whenever you need it. We know that turnover happens, and while our system is designed to be easy-to-use, additional training is always available.

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