Resident Acquistions

Multichannel Marketing: Keeping Your Community Full

There’s an abundance of ideas out there on how you can acquire new residents. Many methods have proven to be successful, but the first place to start is at home: use your existing residents.

Happy residents tell their friends how much they love living in your community. Their friends check out your property and decide to move in. You give a bonus to each resident who referred a friend. Now they’re even happier—and the cycle continues.

A referral program that provides an incentive to recommend your community is a surefire way to gain new residents as well as keep current ones. But how are your residents going to know about this program? You tell them, of course! The Illustratus platform allows you to promote your referral program through your newsletter, community website, Facebook page and more.

Plus, our platform gives you access to a vast range of multichannel marketing solutions that help you acquire the best future residents for your community.

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