Our newsletter bags provide brand protection—literally.

    Damp, damaged mail is always messy and rarely gets read on time, if at all. Make sure your message arrives to your readers safe and sound with our weatherproof bagging service. Your newsletters will be delivered to your door pre-inserted into our all-weather plastic bags, all wrapped up and ready to go!

    Our newsletter bags are chock-full of benefits!

    • Weatherproof—protect your newsletters from the elements
    • Foolproof—get your message noticed
    • Budget-proof—affordable and effective

    Durable and practical, our newsletter bags hold up in all kinds of weather.


Fill a newsletter bag with welcoming materials for a new resident.


Newsletter bags ensure weatherproof delivery of flyers, too!

You can include almost anything in a newsletter bag:

  • Newsletter
  • Event flyer
  • Renewal letter
  • Greeting card
  • And more!