Make your message known to one resident, or all.

    Clear communication is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. Illustratus’ e-Messaging services let you relay messages instantly to your chosen group of recipients. From a policy reminder targeting one household, to an emergency broadcast to all residents, e-Messaging lets your voice be heard.

    e-Messaging features:

    • HTML emails, text messaging and voice
    • Customizable recipient lists
    • Delivery analytics and confirmation reports
    • Custom-branded opt-in/opt-out center for resident delivery preferences
    • Rapid delivery

    Keep everyone informed with Illustratus’
    e-Messaging services.


Don't waste time with multiple calls; connect with all of your board members in one easy step.


Use voice broadcasts to inform your residents of emergencies.

The possibilities are endless with our Messaging program!

  • Community event invitations
  • Meeting reminders
  • Neighborhood watch
  • Payment reminders
  • And more!