Multifamily Calendars

    Increase your activity participation with customized calendars!

    Planning resident events helps your community feel more like home and increases retention—but making residents aware of them can be tough. That’s where our calendars can help! Whether you simply need a calendar page in your newsletter or are looking for calendar-only products, Illustratus has what you need.

    Our calendars are handy and hassle-free:

    • Easily enter events and text with online editing
    • Easy-to-use key functionality for simple navigation
    • Enter recurring events only once

    Calendars are an easy way to keep residents involved and connected to your community.


Hang wall calendars in common areas and on bulletin boards to keep residents informed of upcoming events.


Use a catchy flyer to highlight a special event on the calendar.

More than just a schedule, calendars are effective communication tools:

  • Remind residents when rent is due
  • Let residents know of upcoming events and parties
  • Provide fitness class and club meeting schedules
  • List clubhouse or office hours