Manage your account information easily
Our Online Management Controls give you access 24/7

Increase your communication effectiveness with portfolio consistency and community flexibility.

As a management group, it may be hard to monitor the messages that your communities send to residents on your behalf. The risk of inappropriate, inaccurate or even illegal communications is a real and constant threat—but we can help.

We’ll let you customize the level of control over your communities’ accounts, including:

  • Flexibility to see each of your communities’ newsletters before they print
  • Ability to set up alerts when a community newsletter is submitted
  • Corporate approval requirements for each newsletter submission
  • Ability to oversee access and password privileges
  • Up-to-the-minute status reports for tracking production and shipping per community

Plus, our online account management system gives users the ability to:

  • Track shipments from dock to door
  • Manage contact and account information easily
  • Review or order back issues using our archival system
  • Check invoice information
  • Change logins and passwords

User-friendly account management and a variety of control options make increasing your communication efforts that much easier.